Solutions for Agriculture

Specialists in industrial solutions
We produce customized systems on request for storage and transport.
agri-food materials, in particular grits.

Storage on Fabric Silos

Antistatic fabric silos are the flexible and economical solution for storing food, powder, or granules.
They can be installed inside buildings, have custom-made dimensions to optimize the existing space.
The silos are composed of a modular metal structure and a large bag in breathable antistatic fabric, ensuring easy transport and assembly.
The storage capacity varies from 2 to 60 m3, also made with filter material for the separation of air from the product during pneumatic loading.
Fabric silos need little maintenance.
The product is extracted using vibrating primers that can be easily connected
with pneumatic or mechanical extraction systems.

Storage on Stainless Steel Silos

Designed for the storage of grains in indoor environments with fluidized bottom to allow effective extraction of the product.
Steel silos are always made on request according to the available space with modular solutions also for practical transport and assembly.
Capacity from 4 to 50 m3.

Transfer System

Different types of transport are available, customizable according to specific situations.
mechanical solution, using screw conveyors.
solution with pneumatic transport.

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