Minisilo dust extractor with storage (2x2 m)


The COIMA Minisilo in an integrated unit for dust filtration and storage. It’s made of modular galvanized sheet panels; it is conceived to work in negative pressure (with the fan on the clean air side) and it’s suitable also for positive pressure installation.
The upper section includes the filtering battery made of polyester filtering sleeves fixed to a supporting frame by snap rings. The frame separates filters from the clean area and it’s provided with a motorized shaker mechanism for cleaning the sleeves via mechanical vibration (jetpulses cleaning system available on demand). The filter housing output is flanged for connecting to the pipework and to the fan.
The lower section is the waste storage chamber, equipped with strong adjustable support legs and thick flat bottom to support the multileaf double spring extractor. The rotating springs, made of harmonic steel, move the waste toward 3 possible simultaneous hopper outlets. One outlet is connected to a plastic bag for an emergency discharge, while the 2 remaining outlets can be connected to a briquetting machine, a pneumatic transfer system to a container, a screw conveyor to feed a biomass boiler. An inspection door provides easy extractor maintenance, and Lexan windows allow visual inspection of the material within the silo, as well as one or more level indicators.
The Minisilo is also provided with ATEX anti-explosion panel, a ladder and walkway with a security device to prevent unauthorized access, an internal water flooding system above the filtering battery, connected to an external dry-pipe for fire-fighters connection.
In order to achieve an optimal extraction performance we have coupled the unit to a very high efficiency centrifugal backward curved fan, to be installed on the clean air side: it allows to reach depression values higher than most of the competitors on the market while keeping a fair noise level. The fan is rated for S1 duty cycle (continuous running) and it features an IE3 efficiency and IP55 protection primary brand motor.
ATEX version includes:
– ATEX II 3D certified fan;
– ATEX anti-static filtering sleeves..
PLEASE NOTE : COIMA Minisilos in ATEX version are
perfectly compliant
to the EN12779-2015

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