Compact internal dust extractor - Screw conveyor version


Reliable, silent, and easy to install and to use.
The F compact range has been designed with the aim of optimizing the extraction efficiency reducing at minimum the unit sizes. F SERIES is suitable for the extraction of chips and dust of various natures, optimal for the filtration of fine-average granulometry particles.
The filters work in negative pressure with a very high extraction efficiency (suitable for CN special machines).
They can be installed inside the workshop (please check the local rules) or even outside.
The unit is made up of galvanized painted panels and it
is equipped with:
– Air settling chamber at the inlet, to protect the filters from the impact with the transported materials.
– Anti-return flap, to avoid any pressure return to the workshop.
– ATEX anti-static filtering sleeves or cartridges (upon model) in high-density polyester fabric.
– Filters cleaning system by countercurrent compressed air jet pulses, blown during the working time.
– Soundproof centrifugal backward curved fan, ATEX II 3D certified, installed internally on the clean air side: it allows to reach depression values higher than other filtering units on the market while keeping maximum silence.
– Hopper with air-lock valve for a continuous waste discharge (on a pneumatical transfer system, diagonal screwconveyor, by gravity into a skip/big-bag, etc.).
ATEX version (recommended for the F450 model) includes an ATEX anti-explosion panel with breakdetection probe.
PLEASE NOTE: in case of hydrophile dust we recommend the hopper with screw conveyor.

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